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2016 Parent Survey

Dear parents and caregivers,

Please find below the correct link to complete the 2016 Parent Opinion Survey. The personal code provided to you can still be used.


Welcome to Reidy Park Primary School

Reidy Park Primary School is located in Mount Gambier, South Australia.

At Reidy Park Primary School we strive to develop active lifelong learners by providing quality teaching and challenging learning programs. Our vision is to be highly regarded for our pursuit of excellence and our caring environment. Our students continually strive for excellence in all of their endeavours and our parents are extremely supportive of the school. Our highly committed staff aim to support students to develop the skills to become successful participants and contributors to both the local and global community.

Stephen Jolley

Latest Forms and Information

FORM Valley Lakes Celebration 2016 06-12-16 257.2 KB PDF
FORM Year book 08-12-16 97.78 KB PDF
FORM Aquatic 09-12-16 100.27 KB PDF
FORM End Of Year Activity 09-12-16 89.6 KB PDF
FORM Graduation 09-12-16 214.91 KB PDF
FORM Medication Authority - Short Term 96.7 KB PDF
FORM Out of Zone Application 351.77 KB PDF